How to unlock Ninja Vest perk in MW3

The introduction of Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 update introduces a fresh perk known as Ninja Vest. However, this perk isn’t readily accessible at the outset, prompting the need for a comprehensive guide on acquiring the Ninja Vest perk in Modern Warfare 3.

How to get the Ninja Vest perk in Modern Warfare 3

To unlock the Ninja Vest perk, you must successfully complete five daily challenges within Modern Warfare 3. These daily challenges encompass various tasks achievable across any game mode, such as attaining specific kill counts, headshots, assists, or completing objectives. Access the daily challenges via the MW3 main menu under the Armory Unlock system.

Before undertaking the daily challenges, it’s imperative to activate the Ninja Vest perk. Once the primary objective is fulfilled, the newly acquired perk becomes available for utilization, allowing you to incorporate it into your loadouts from the ‘Customize’ section.

MW3 Ninja Vest perk explained

Functioning akin to other perks, the Ninja Vest furnishes a spectrum of advantages upon equipping it in Modern Warfare 3. Specifically, the Ninja Vest empowers silent movement during walking or running, resembling the functionality of the Dead Silence perk from preceding Call of Duty iterations.

Furthermore, it augments your arsenal with additional Shuriken and Throwing Knives for swift eliminations, with these lethal implements regenerating every 25 seconds. It’s worth noting that equipping the Ninja Vest alongside other perks offering similar benefits won’t yield supplementary advantages.

However, coupling the Ninja Vest with Covert Sneakers synergizes to produce the Running Sneakers effect, amplifying Tac Sprint duration while concurrently reducing cooldown periods.

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