How to Unlock Every Tekken Ball in Tekken 8

Hey gamers, let’s talk Tekken Ball – that glorious mini-game that’s been keeping us entertained since the Tekken 3 days. Now, guess what? It’s back with a bang in Tekken 8, making a triumphant return after a decade-long hiatus since Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on the Wii U. Exciting times, right?

So, in classic Tekken Ball fashion, you’ve got options. Pick your poison from a variety of balls, including two elusive unlockables that might give you a run for your money. Let’s break it down!

How to Unlock Azazel’s Core in Tekken 8

Okay, buckle up, because snagging Azazel’s Core involves completing Chapter 6 of The Dark Awakens – no matter your difficulty setting. Finish that, and voila! You’ll get a sweet notification upon your return to the main menu, declaring your victorious unlocking of Azazel’s Core. Easy peasy, right?

How to Unlock the Tekken Ball in Tekken 8

Now, let’s talk about the crown jewel – the Tekken Ball itself. This bad boy requires you to dominate in the online arena. Win ten online matches of Tekken Ball, and boom – the Tekken Ball is yours! Sure, it might take a bit of practice, but with some well-timed Rage Arts, Devilish Hits, and heat attacks, you’ll be rolling that Tekken Ball in no time.

Default Tekken Balls

Starting with four awesome balls – the Beach Ball, Iron Ball, G-Corp Ball, and Globe – it’s all about aesthetics, my friends. Unlike Tekken 3’s version, where each ball had unique properties, now it’s all about choosing the look and then deciding the damage separately. Easy choices, right?

Other Tekken Ball Unlockables in Tekken 8

But wait, there’s more! Play the game, rack up those wins, and you might just snag additional goodies. Bag the “My moves are way faster than yours” Trophy/Achievement by pulling off 20 Devilish Hits. Want a special Tekken Ball gallery illustration? Easy – play three online Tekken Ball matches.

Ah, Devilish Hits – perform them by nailing the ball with a Power Crush (Fast Ball), Homing Move (Zigzag Ball), Tornado Move (Tornado Ball), Heat Smash (Random Devilish Effect), or Rage Art (Random Devilish Effect). Mix it up and watch the magic happen!

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