How to start New Game Plus in Elden Ring

Completing a full playthrough of Elden Ring is a significant achievement on its own, but for some gamers, that’s just the beginning.

Once you reach the end of your initial journey in Elden Ring and see the credits, you have the option to start a new game with a fresh character or continue with your original character in New Game Plus, known in the game as a “New Journey.”

How can I start New Game Plus in Elden Ring?

After defeating the final boss in Elden Ring, you’ll receive a prompt asking if you want to “Begin Journey 2.” If you’re ready to dive into New Game Plus, select yes, and brace yourself for a new adventure starting from the beginning but with increased difficulty.

In New Game Plus and subsequent journeys, most of your levels and stats, along with the majority of your equipment, will carry over. However, enemies will become tougher, dealing more damage and having increased health. On the upside, you’ll also earn more Runes for each enemy defeated.

How to start New Game Plus after declining initially

If you initially decline the prompt mentioned above, you can still initiate New Game Plus, or “Journey 2,” at the Table of Lost Grace in Roundtable Hold.

Roundtable Hold, your main hub throughout Elden Ring, features a central table that serves as a site of grace. This table allows interaction like others in the game but uniquely offers the option to “Begin Journey 2,” initiating New Game Plus.

The Table of Lost Grace is located on the map in the far bottom left corner, distant from the rest of the continent. Once you select “Begin Journey 2,” your New Game Plus journey will commence.

  • Defeat the final boss, Elden Beast, to finish the game.
  • Wait for the credits to finish to see the prompt.
  • Choose “Begin Journey 2.” If you opt not to start over immediately, you can initiate Journey 2 later at the Table of Lost Grace in Roundtable Hold.
  • If you initially decline, fast travel to Roundtable Hold’s Table of Lost Grace.
  • Interact with the Table of Lost Grace.
  • Select “Begin Journey 2.”

Best of luck out there, Tarnished. You’ll need it.

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