How to Speed Up All Egg Incubations in Palworld

Ever found yourself staring at those Pal eggs, thinking, “Man, why’s it taking so long to hatch?” I get it, waiting can be a real drag. But fear not, fellow Palworld adventurer, because I’ve got the lowdown on how to give those eggs a turbo boost in the incubation department!

How to Get All Eggs to 100% Incubation Speed in Palworld

Pal Eggs are like delicate little treasures, and guess what? They’re picky about their surroundings. Sure, they’ll hatch regardless, but if you want to speed up the process, you gotta pamper them with the right conditions. It’s like creating a five-star resort for eggs. So, here’s your cheat sheet to turn those Pal Eggs into speedy hatchlings!

For the eggs feeling a bit chilly, toss in a Heater – but make it cozy close, like a warm hug. Now, if you’re dealing with eggs that are getting too hot to handle, bring in the Cooler. It’s a bit more forgiving and can cool down a broader range. Something tells me the Heater might have a little bug issue – so stick to the basics.

A Mau Cryst and cooler combo can work wonders for six Pal Egg incubators. But for that Scorching Egg of mine, the heater needed to be practically giving it a bear hug.

Quick tip: Don’t bother splurging on an electric heater or cooler; the standard ones do the job. And remember, you’ll still need a Pal with Kindling and Cooling skills. Also, the biome matters. Hatching a Scorching Egg in a desert? Skip the heater; it’s already toasty there.

Oh, and it doesn’t matter if your egg incubator is living the indoor or outdoor life. And sorry to burst your bubble, but campfires won’t cut it. Crafting a bunch won’t magically turn your egg into a cozy sauna – just doesn’t work that way.

Egg Type Cheat Sheet

  • Common Egg: Standard temperature does the trick.
  • Electric Egg: Standard temperature works fine.
  • Frozen Egg: Requires Cooler.
  • Damp Egg: Cooler is a must.
  • Dark Egg: Cooler, please.
  • Dragon Egg: Time to bring in the Heater.
  • Verdant Egg: Heater needed.
  • Rocky Egg: Heater in action.
  • Scorching Egg: Heater to the rescue.

So there you have it – the eggcelerator guide to Palworld.

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