How to respec in Last Epoch: Passives, Skills, Specializations

Last Epoch offers players the option to adjust their Passives, Skills, and Specializations, albeit with some considerations. Below, you’ll discover the process of respeccing in Last Epoch and whether it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

How to respec Passives in Last Epoch

Each level gained grants a Passive point. If you find yourself regretting the allocation of your Passive points, fret not, for you have the option to respec.

To initiate a Passive respec, seek out a Chronomancer in any town. Easily identifiable by the brain icon, these characters handle Passive respecs. Engage in conversation with them to commence the respeccing process.

However, bear in mind that reclaiming a Passive point requires 100 gold. While this cost may not be prohibitive if you regularly sell your gear, it’s still a considerable sum. Thus, frequent Passives respeccing isn’t advisable, limiting experimentation with builds compared to other dungeon crawler games.

How to respec Specializations and Skills in Last Epoch

Respeccing Specializations and the points invested in Specialized Skills’ trees is relatively straightforward but potentially costly.

Respeccing Specializations in Last Epoch

Despecializing a Skill and selecting the Respec button in the Skills page’s top right corner is all it takes to respec Specializations. However, be aware that this action will reset all Skill points.

Respeccing Skill points in Last Epoch

If you wish to retain a Specialized Skill but only reset the points invested in its tree, the same Respec button method applies.

Bear in mind that respeccing Skill points will result in the loss of one Skill point if you’re above the minimum skill level. This minimum level is indicated on the top left beneath your Skill’s level. For instance, if your Shift Skill is level six, but the minimum specialized level is three, respeccing will reduce your Skill points from six to five. As with Passives, consider the implications of respeccing Skill points carefully.

Can you respec Mastery Classes in Last Epoch?

Regrettably, respeccing Mastery Classes is not possible in Last Epoch.

While the respeccing system’s restrictiveness may not be appealing, the inability to alter your Mastery Class, coupled with the absence of manual save options, can be disappointing. Nevertheless, the ability to assign Skills to your hotbar offers some solace amid these limitations.

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