How to respawn an Ender Dragon in Minecraft

The Ender Dragon is often regarded as Minecraft’s final boss before the credits roll and your journey continues in another world. Yet, battling this formidable foe once more is achievable with the right resources and additional preparations for the encounter.

How to fight the Ender Dragon again in Minecraft

Reviving the Ender Dragon in Minecraft involves placing four End Crystals on the portal located in the center of the dragon’s battleground. Positioning the crystals on each side of the portal triggers beams that extend towards the obsidian towers, reactivating them and summoning the dragon anew, thus allowing you to engage in the confrontation once more.

Upon the dragon’s re-summoning, the battle proceeds as before. The End Crystals detonate, causing damage to you and any nearby blocks you’ve placed, while the Ender Dragon reappears at full health. Now, you can confront the dragon as many times as you desire, repeating the process if you possess the necessary resources to craft more End Crystals.

How to craft End Crystal in Minecraft

In survival mode, crafting an End Crystal requires using a crafting table and the following components:

  • Seven glass
  • One Ghast tear
  • One Eye of Ender

After acquiring each material, arrange the glass in an “n” shape around the crafting table interface. Then, place the Eye of Ender in the center square and the Ghast tear at the bottom. Following these steps will produce one End Crystal for use in battle.

However, since you need four End Crystals to respawn the Ender Dragon, you’ll need to gather 28 glass blocks, four Ghast tears, and four Eyes of Ender. Additionally, you’ll require upwards of 12 Eyes of Ender to activate the Stronghold End Portal, so it’s wise to gather extra resources for crafting alongside your glass, Ghast tears, and crafting table.

Alternatively, if cheats are enabled and you wish to swiftly spawn four End Crystals, you can switch to Creative Mode, search for “End Crystal” in your inventory, and bring them to the End. This way, you can deploy them without the need to manually craft each crystal.

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