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In the Roblox experience Omini X, inspired by Ben 10, there are numerous ways to enhance your enjoyment and vary your gameplay to keep it fresh and distinct. One of these methods involves experimenting with and playing as each of the six available classes/races.

Before you can switch to a new race, however, you must reset yourself to the default Human race. For a quick guide on how to reset your race, continue reading the brief instructions below.

How to reset/become Human in Omini X

To revert to the Human race in Omini X after assuming a different race, visit the Galvan teacher NPC located on the Plumber Ship in the desert. To reach this ship, exit the main city of Bellwood and follow the road to the right of MAXS PLUMBING. At the intersection, turn left, and continue along the road until you reach the ship.

Upon entering the ship, press the green button to access the main area, then ascend the stairs directly ahead. At the top of the stairs, you’ll find the Galvan teacher. Interact with them to reset your race.

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