How to repair weapons and equipment in Enshrouded

Hey fellow Enshrouded adventurers! Let’s talk about something that’s as crucial as your trusty sword – repairing your gear. It’s not as complicated as it seems, and I’m here to guide you through the nitty-gritty of it.

Enshrouded: How to Repair Weapons and Equipment

So, you’re out there, slaying beasts and conquering challenges, but your gear is taking a beating. No worries! Repairing is a breeze. Find yourself a workbench, stand near it, and hit that Craft and Repair option. Easy-peasy, right?

As soon as you hit that button, voila! Your workbench screen pops up with a message proudly declaring, “All items repaired” in the top left corner. Now, here’s a little tip – no need to hold down the button; a simple press does the trick. Hold it, and you might find yourself accidentally rearranging your furniture!

“But how do I even craft a workbench?” you might ask. Fear not, my friends, we’ll get there!

How to Craft a Simple Workbench in Enshrouded

To get your hands on a level one workbench, you’ll need three String and eight Wood Logs. Not sure where to find these? Let me break it down:

  • Wood Logs: Grab an axe, chop down smaller trees, and collect those logs. Need an axe? Craft it using one String, one Stone, and four Twigs. No need for a workbench for this – open your crafting menu and get crafting.
  • String: It’s a refined material made from plant fibers. Three plant fibers make one string. Find those fibers in bushes, small grass, or snag them from mini trees (they also give twigs for crafting that essential axe).

Got your logs and strings? Fantastic! Open that crafting menu, whip up your workbench, and there it is, ready to roll in your action bar or inventory.

Sure, you need to craft a few items beforehand – like the trusty axe and some string – but think of it as the Enshrouded circle of life. These items are the stepping stones to your workbench, which is your ticket to repairing and crafting like a pro.

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