How to recruit Survivor NPCs in Nightingale

In Nightingale, navigating the perilous realms alone can prove challenging, underscoring the importance of recruiting Survivor NPCs. Encountering these NPCs early on, it’s crucial to understand how to enlist them into your party.

How to get Survivor NPCs in Nightingale

Survivor NPCs are individuals who can join your party upon completion of a straightforward quest. Typically found near Essence Traders, these NPCs have specific tasks that need fulfillment. To enlist them, complete their quest and then interact with them. Note that only one Survivor NPC can be in your party at a time.

Scattered throughout the realms, these NPCs offer various forms of assistance. You can offload materials to them while gathering resources in bulk, allowing your character to remain unencumbered and focused on harvesting.

Furthermore, you can equip weapons, tools, and items to these NPCs, who will then utilize them accordingly. For example, assigning a Hunting Knife to a companion NPC can provide valuable assistance during combat encounters. With the recruited Survivor NPC accompanying your character, navigating combat scenarios becomes markedly easier.

Where to find Survivor NPCs in Nightingale

While scouring the realms for Survivor NPCs, keep an eye out for the Aid map marker, indicating an NPC in need of assistance. Upon completing their quest, you can recruit them to your party.

Similarly, visiting a Defend map marker tasks you with repelling waves of enemies while safeguarding NPCs. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive rewards such as Essence Dust and T1 Essence, with the option to hire Survivor NPCs from the area.

How to assign weapons to Survivor NPCs in Nightingale

To equip weapons, gear, tools, and other essentials to a Survivor NPC companion, interact with the character and choose the Manage Equipment and Inventory option. Transfer the necessary items from your inventory to the NPC’s and individually select each item for equipping.

Prior to engaging enemies, equip weapons to your companion NPC to bolster combat support. Likewise, when harvesting resources, equip the appropriate tool from the NPC’s inventory.

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