How to prevent Whymzelett from taking flight in FF7 Rebirth

Most Combat Assignments in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth follow a simple pattern: apply pressure, stagger the enemy, complete the task within the time limit, and you’re done. However, every now and then, you encounter a Combat Assignment with a challenging twist, and preventing Whymzeletts from taking flight is one such challenge.

Before you can prevent Whymzelett from taking flight

Prior to undertaking Fiend Intel 2: Zemze Breaks in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, ensure that all party members are equipped with an Ice Materia. Alternatively, if you possess the Fire and Ice Materia from the Grassland region, those will suffice.

Character-specific elemental attacks won’t suffice as they inflict minimal elemental damage. Therefore, ensure that each of your three party members is equipped with at least Blizzard. Additionally, consider equipping Cloud with a First Strike Materia to grant him a full ATB bar at the start of the battle.

As for your party composition, choose members according to your preference. I opted for Barret and Red due to their availability at the time. While Barret’s ranged attacks make him a solid choice, Tifa’s ability to rapidly build up the Stagger bar also makes her a viable option.

How to prevent Whymzelett from taking flight

To prevent Whymzeletts from taking flight, simultaneously attack them with Blizzard (or Blizzara) spells from two characters as soon as they initiate the Soothing Breeze cast. You have only a few seconds, but with the right strategy, that’s all you need.

However, let me provide you with a step-by-step guide for clarity:

  • Commence the battle and swiftly charge everyone’s ATB bars by focusing on a single Whymzelett.
  • Utilize an ATB action only if you have two bars available, ensuring you always keep one ready.
  • Use basic attacks against a Whymzelett until it begins casting Soothing Breeze.
  • Immediately after a Whymzelett initiates Soothing Breeze, cast Blizzard with at least two characters (one is usually insufficient unless it’s a Blizzara).
  • The Whymzelett will become Pressured after sustaining enough Ice damage.
  • Repeat this process until the Whymzelett is defeated.

Preventing one Whymzelett from flying is already a challenge, but you’ll have to contend with two. Through multiple encounters with Whymzeletts, I observed that the one you focus on tends to cast Soothing Breeze more frequently. However, this doesn’t mean the other won’t attempt it, albeit less often.

If the other Whymzelett attempts Soothing Breeze, you’ll receive a notification on the screen, even if it’s behind you. In such instances, promptly cast two Blizzard spells at it to Pressure it. After Pressuring the second Whymzelett, resume focusing on the first one. Remain vigilant even after defeating one Whymzelett, as a single one can still cast Soothing Breeze and take flight, jeopardizing your challenge attempt.

If both Whymzeletts cast Soothing Breeze simultaneously, your options are limited, and restarting the fight may be the best course of action. You can attempt to cast two Blizzards at each Whymzelett and hope to Pressure both, but it’s likely that one will still take flight. Although this scenario occurred only once during my playthrough, focusing on one Whymzelett at a time should prevent it from happening.

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