How To Pressure Fonadu in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The presence of monsters poses a constant threat across all areas, including the vicinity of a major city like Junon. While journeying to this military installation, you’ll encounter numerous formidable monsters ready to attack without hesitation. Fortunately, Cloud, an experienced mercenary, is motivated to hunt down various powerful Fiends. Cacophonic Corvid marks the first Fiend Intel encounter in Junon, where you must apply pressure and stagger a massive avian beast named Fonadu in FF7 Rebirth.

FF7 Rebirth Cacophonic Corvid Fiend Intel Pressure Fonadu Guide

To pressure Fonadu in FF7 Rebirth, you need to inflict enough damage on the beast until it executes the Death from Above move. This attack involves the winged monster retracting its massive wings and swiftly lunging at your character. Successfully dodging this move will pressure the creature.

However, Fonadu is relatively weak, particularly if you confront it at a higher level. To prevent the creature from being defeated before you can stagger it, it’s advisable to use only regular attacks.

In FF7 Rebirth, Fonadu typically performs the Death from Above attack after losing a quarter of its HP bar. This means you have only three opportunities to evade the unblockable move and fill the boss’s Stagger Gauge.

If you fail to pressure Fonadu, you can retry the Cacophonic Corvid Fiend Intel challenge by holding the Triangle button. The monster will instantly respawn, allowing you to attempt the challenge as many times as you wish. It can also serve as valuable practice for improving your dodging skills in preparation for your eventual encounter with Sephiroth.

Since Fonadu prefers to remain airborne, it’s advisable to include characters with ranged attacks, such as Barret and Aerith. However, keep in mind that these characters have slower movement speeds, making them less adept at dodging. Alternatively, you can wait until Yuffie joins your party, as she can utilize Ninjutsu from a distance while maintaining agility.

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