How to preload Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin, the newest offering from developer Team Ninja, is an open-world action RPG set in late 19th-century Japan. Scheduled as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, it hits the shelves on March 22. However, eager players may seek information regarding the preload date for Rise of the Ronin.

Similar to most PS5 exclusives, Rise of the Ronin is confirmed to offer a preload window, enabling players to download the game’s files in advance. This ensures that the game is fully installed and ready to go when the official launch date arrives. Below is a guide detailing the preload date for Rise of the Ronin and how to initiate the preload process.

Preload date for Rise of the Ronin

According to information available on the PlayStation Store, the current preload date for Rise of the Ronin is slated for March 19, with the exact time remaining undisclosed. Upon pre-ordering Rise of the Ronin, you’ll notice that the “expected auto-download time” is listed as March 19, indicating that your system will automatically commence downloading the game’s files on this specified date.

This timing aligns with the recent trend observed with PS5 exclusives, where preloads typically become available around three days before the official release date. Players should have approximately three full days to complete the majority of Rise of the Ronin’s file installation. However, it’s advisable to keep an eye out for any late patches that might be released just before the launch date to ensure your game is fully updated by March 22.

How to preload Rise of the Ronin

Preloading Rise of the Ronin can be accomplished either automatically or manually on your PS5. Opting for automatic downloading involves ensuring that the “auto-download” option is selected after pre-ordering the game. Alternatively, manual preload can be initiated by following these steps:

  • Pre-order any edition of Rise of the Ronin and locate the title in your PlayStation library.
  • Select the game from your library and initiate the download once the preload becomes available.
  • Allow the files to install and await the countdown timer to reach zero on the official release date.
  • Ensure that your game is fully updated and start playing.

That covers everything you need to know about preloading and diving into Rise of the Ronin as soon as it launches. If you’re interested in exploring the game with a companion, be sure to check out our previous guide on whether Rise of the Ronin supports co-op multiplayer.

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