How to play Skull and Bones co-op multiplayer

The latest Skull and Bones beta has arrived, offering a sneak peek at what’s to come before the game’s official launch in two weeks. However, this beta serves more as an early demo rather than a testing phase.

Featuring an Infamy level cap, the beta essentially encompasses all the content Skull and Bones has to offer. A notable aspect of the game is its multiplayer open world, where a pirate’s strength is greatly influenced by the crew they sail with. While solo sailing is an option, the absence of a dedicated single-player mode means encounters with real players are inevitable, whether you choose to team up or not. Hence, forming a crew is a wise choice.

How to invite friends in Skull and Bones

The simplest way to play alongside friends is by utilizing the game’s invite feature. Unlike separate co-op instances, joining or leaving a co-op party occurs seamlessly, allowing flexibility for players. Parties can accommodate up to three players simultaneously.

Inviting nearby players to your party is straightforward, with prompts appearing above their heads. However, distance isn’t a barrier to inviting friends. To extend invitations to distant friends, ensure they are added on Ubisoft Connect.

After accepting your friend request on Ubisoft Connect, partying up in Skull and Bones is effortless:

  • Launch Skull and Bones.
  • Navigate to the Social menu.
  • Your Ubisoft Connect friends will be listed; simply click on their name to send an invitation.

Opting for this method over in-game proximity-based invites is advisable, as server allocation appears random, diminishing the chances of being on the same server as your friend.

How to join your friends in a Skull and Bones party

Upon receiving a party invite, an on-screen notification will prompt you. Additionally, you can access pending invites via the Requests tab in the Social menu. Ensure your party settings are configured to “Friends Only” to allow friends to join without explicit invitations.

How Skull and Bones co-op works

Given the game’s persistent online world, the impact of partying up might not be immediately apparent. However, the mechanics are straightforward:

  • You can seamlessly enter and exit co-op mode without disrupting gameplay.
  • Co-op enhances coordination by displaying party members’ locations on the map.
  • Enemy difficulty and rewards scale dynamically based on party size.
  • Cargo trading among party members is facilitated.
  • Individual progress is preserved regardless of party affiliation.

In Skull and Bones parties, each player retains control of their ship while navigating the high seas.

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