How to make Sandstorm in Infinite Craft

Encountering a storm, especially a sandstorm, can be a frightening experience due to low visibility, breathing difficulties, and the relentless barrage of sand. In Infinite Craft, you have the ability to simulate this hazardous weather phenomenon.

While there are numerous natural disasters to create in the vast world of Infinite Craft, crafting a sandstorm is surprisingly simple and requires only a couple of readily available elements to achieve.

Here’s a quick guide on how to create a Sandstorm in Infinite Craft:

Making Sandstorm in Infinite Craft

To create a Sandstorm, you’ll only need to follow two combination recipes involving Earth, Wind, and Dust. Start by combining Earth and Wind to produce Dust, a fundamental step that can be completed from the outset of the game. Then, combine Dust with Wind to generate a Sandstorm.

While there are alternative methods to craft a Sandstorm, none are as direct and uncomplicated as this combination recipe. Once you’ve mastered the creation of a Sandstorm, you can expand your repertoire by crafting additional natural disasters and calamities. Here are some other combinations you can explore using Sandstorm:

  • Sandstorm + Sandstorm = Dust Storm
  • Sandstorm + Volcano = Eruption
  • Sandstorm + Monster = Sandman
  • Sandstorm + Japan = Tsunami
  • Sandstorm + Pokemon = Sandslash
  • Sandstorm + Oasis = Mirage
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