How To Make Preppy Pets Out of Ugly Pets in Roblox Adopt Me

Occasionally, luck doesn’t favor you in Adopt Me, and you end up with a pet that doesn’t quite meet your expectations. But fear not, because there are plenty of ways to give your pet a makeover and transform it into a desirable companion that everyone on Roblox would envy.

How To Turn Ugly Pets into Preppy Pets in Adopt Me

Believe it or not, any pet in Adopt Me can be made to look appealing, even the more unusual ones like the Undead Jousting Horse or the Grinmoire. You have several options to choose from:

  • Utilize the Paint Sealer or Colored Hair Spray
  • Transform your pet into a neon or mega neon
  • Dress your pet in adorable outfits
  • Enable your pet to fly or ride

The simplest method is to recolor your pet using Colored Hair Spray. While a visit to the Salon is free, the effect only lasts for 40 minutes. For a permanent solution, you can acquire the Paint Sealer for 20 Robux. If you’re short on Robux, consider trading for it, although Paint Sealers often have a high trade value.

Next, expand your pet’s wardrobe, especially if it’s lacking in accessories. Clothing can significantly enhance your pet’s appearance. Identify the features you dislike the most and accessorize accordingly. For instance, if your pet has horns or hooves, cover them up with a cute straw hat and stylish boots!

Accessories don’t come for free, so you’ll need to invest some of your earnings into accessory chests. These can be purchased at the Accessory Shop, located in the blue boat building on Adoption Island. Standard Chests are relatively affordable, and there are numerous ways to earn money quickly!

Lastly, having a neon pet that is also rideable, especially if it can fly, is a key characteristic of a preppy pet in Adopt Me. Visit any affluent server, and you’ll find numerous neon pets soaring through the air. By employing our strategies, you’ll join the ranks of proud pet owners with stylish companions!

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