How to make ice in Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft boasts a knack for steering expectations in various directions, from mundane transformations like water into wine to cataclysmic mergers of items. For now, our focus shifts to crafting ice and exploring its potential in future concoctions.

How to make ice in Infinite Craft

Below, you’ll find the precise combinations to concoct ice in Infinite Craft using the initial four elements:

  • Earth + Earth = Mountain
  • Mountain + Wind = Avalanche
  • Avalanche + Water = Ice

That’s the crux of it. With just three combinations, you can transmute three of your starting elements into ice, facilitating the creation of snow, blizzards, and even penguins. From here onward, the more you merge, the zanier your outcomes become.

Producing these items can also unlock more combinations. For instance, mountains aid in crafting lakes, oceans, and even Pikachu. Your options are boundless, awaiting exploration through experimentation.

If you’ve stumbled upon snow before uncovering ice, combining two snow nodes swiftly yields ice. Similarly, pre-existing items like winter or snowman can merge into snow and ice.

As typical in Infinite Craft, a plethora of eccentric combinations awaits with just a handful of items. Here are some involving ice:

  • Ice + Ice = Snow
  • Snow + Ice = Snowman
  • Snow + Wind = Blizzard
  • Ice + Continent = Antarctica
  • Ice + Island = Igloo

While these represent a handful of immediate possibilities, ice meshes with nearly anything to yield peculiar combinations or revert to ice, snow, and water. Most of my experimental mergers resulted in these three, occasionally venturing into stranger realms. Without spoiling the surprises, let’s just say merging ice with a black hole elicited a chuckle or two.

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