How to Make Cake in Palworld – Exact Recipe

Hey fellow Palworld enthusiasts! Ready for some sweet escapades in the pursuit of cake perfection? Well, buckle up because I’m about to spill the beans (or should I say flour?) on how to whip up the ultimate cake in Palworld. Let the baking commence!

How to Make Cake in Palworld – Exact Recipe

Ah, the heart of Palworld romance – cake. But hey, making it ain’t a cakewalk. You gotta gather five ingredients and work your culinary magic in your base. Why, you ask? Because Pals won’t lay an egg without this delightful treat. So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty.

To start your cake journey, unlock the Cooking Pot. Head into your inventory, tap into the ‘Technology’ menu, and splurge one Technology Point once you hit level 17. Easy peasy, right?

But hold your horses, my friends! Making a cake is no walk in the park. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Want a pro tip? Use multiple cooking pots simultaneously. Keep your base pals focused by feeding them only kindling. And guess what? Better Pals with better kindling make the whole process smoother.

Feeling ambitious? Boost your kindling efficiency with a Flame Cauldron, available at level 20 in the Technology tree. Just gather 50x Ingot, 100x Wood, and 20x Flame Organs, and you’re golden.

Now, grab your apron because here’s the ingredient list:

  • Flour x 5
  • Red Berries x 8
  • Milk x 7
  • Egg x 8
  • Honey x 2

How to Get Flour in Palworld

Flour, the backbone of any cake masterpiece. If your base is already a flour powerhouse, kudos to you! But if not, fear not. Hunt for Wheat Seeds from pals like Floppie, Cinnamoth, or Bristla, often found near the Hypocrite Hill waypoint.

Once you’ve got the seeds, unlock the Wheat Plantation and Mill at level 15 in the Technology menu. Plant the seeds, let them grow, and then haul that flour to the Mill for the final touch.

How to Get Red Berries in Palworld

Red Berries, the burst of sweetness you can’t miss. If your base mission game is strong, you might already have a berry stash. Otherwise, hit the tutorial area near the Plateau of Beginnings waypoint, or create a Red Berry Plantation with seeds from the Small Settlement vendor.

How to Get Honey in Palworld

Ah, honey, the elusive nectar. You can’t farm it in your base, so go on a bug hunt. Cinnamoth, Beegriade, and Elizabee are your targets. Set up shop near the Mossanda Forest waypoint for a honey bonanza. Pro tip: Beegardes at the Ranch can also drop honey. Clear the area, pave it, and watch the honey flow.

How to Get Milk in Palworld

Milk time! Purchase it for 50 Gold in the Small Settlement, or be a savvy farmer with Mozzarina. Hunt one down west of the Ravine Entrance and set up a Ranch at level 5 in the Technology menu. No hassle, just creamy goodness.

How to Get Eggs in Palworld

Eggs, the golden orbs of potential. Grab them from the ground or get them straight from Chikipi, found near the Plateau of Beginnings waypoint. Add them to your Ranch, and watch the eggs roll in.

Now, compile your loot and start cooking! But brace yourself, it takes about thirty minutes for a cake to bake with a Kindling Pal at level 1. Multitask or upgrade to a better Kindling Pal for smoother baking.

How to Use Cake in Palworld

Time for the grand finale! Cake has two uses – a delicious snack or a breeding catalyst. Eating it restores 656 hunger and 82 sanity, but the real game-changer is using it for breeding. Create a Mixed Farm at level 19 in the Technology Menu, deposit the cake, and let the magic happen. Your breeding pair will cultivate the right mood to hatch a random egg.

Phew, who knew baking a cake in Palworld could be such an adventure? The better your pals, the more efficient your labor. Check out our guide on the best pals for your ranch for additional tips and tricks.

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