How to make a cake in Palworld

Palworld introduces a delectable dish known as Cake, serving a vital role in managing hunger meters and facilitating the breeding process. This guide delves into the significance of Cake, its acquisition, the recipe, and additional applications.

What is Cake used for in Palworld?

Cake in Palworld

Cake plays a crucial role in the breeding mechanics of Palworld. To initiate the laying of eggs by two Pals placed in a Breeding Farm, Cake is indispensable. Breeding allows players to acquire Pals without the need for capturing, providing eggs as a result. Ensuring a steady supply of Cake is vital for a thriving breeding operation.

How to get Cake in Palworld

In Palworld, Cake is crafted using the Cooking Pot, unlocked at level 17. To concoct this essential dessert, gather the following ingredients:

Cake Recipe:

  • Flour (five) – Wheat is transformed into Flour through the Wheat Plantation using Wheat Seeds.
  • Red Berries (eight) – Produced in the Berry Plantation. Capture Caprity and send them to your Ranch.
  • Milk (seven) – Capture Mozzarina and send them to your Ranch.
  • Eggs (eight) – Capture Chikipi and send them to your Ranch.
  • Honey (two) – Capture Pals like Beegarde, Cinnamoth, Elizabee, or Warsect, which generate Honey over time.

Tip: One Cake is required per breeding, so ensure a sufficient supply of ingredients for unrestricted breeding.

How to get Honey in Palworld

To obtain Honey in Palworld, catch Pals that can generate Honey, such as Beegarde, Cinnamoth, Elizabee, or Warsect. These Pals gradually produce Honey, a vital ingredient for crafting Cake.

Does Lovander drop Cake?

Lovander is believed to drop Cake, as indicated by the Paldeck. While the drop may be rare, acquiring Lovander can be a solution to Cake-related challenges. Confirming this drop may require capturing Lovander and observing the generated items.


With Cake in hand, your Palworld breeding endeavors will thrive. Pay attention to your Pals’ well-being, and consider methods to recover their Sanity for optimal performance. Enjoy the sweet success of a flourishing Palworld!

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