How to level up fast in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Despite starting at a higher level than usual in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the journey to reach the level cap remains challenging, following the events of the previous game.

While reaching the level cap may not be the simplest objective in FF7 Rebirth, there are methods to expedite the leveling process if that’s your aim.

What is the level cap in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

In FF7 Rebirth, the level cap has been raised to level 70, a significant increase from the max level of 50 in the first installment of the remake trilogy, Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Players commence at level 15 in FF7 Rebirth, deviating from the usual starting level, likely to maintain consistency with Remake without overpowering characters at level 50.

During battles in FF7 Rebirth, all party members receive the same amount of XP, regardless of whether they are active or not, except during specific story moments or battles in the Simulator, where only present members gain experience. Typically, your party’s levels will remain relatively consistent throughout the game.

A single playthrough on Easy or Normal difficulty is insufficient to reach level 70. To achieve this, players need to complete FF7 Rebirth on Hard Mode.

Best ways to level up quickly in FF7 Rebirth

Completing main story missions and side quests provides a reliable source of XP in FF7 Rebirth. Major plot points and boss fights within quests significantly contribute to experience gains. Side quests offer more than just XP, also aiding relationship progress with party members, and some involve minigames with unique rewards.

These quests not only grant regular XP but also contribute to Party Level, a more elusive stat. The emphasis on narrative expansion makes completing side quests an attractive option, especially for lore enthusiasts. Additionally, these quests offer unique equipment as rewards.

Use the Combat Simulator

Your team can gain levels through Combat Simulator battles. While the experience points earned may not be substantial, completing these battles still provides more than most regular fights. Summon monsters offer significant XP drops, making battling them a reliable method to accelerate your leveling process.

To maximize efficiency, engage in every opportunity to fight. By the end of FF7 Rebirth, even the weakest monsters in a region can provide a decent chunk of XP, particularly on Dynamic Difficulty, where even Grasslands fiends pose a challenge. 

Fighting Classified foes

Combat Assignments under the World Intel category involve facing unique versions of monsters in a region, leading to the unlocking of the region’s boss, known as a Classified enemy. Examples include the Mind Flayer in Junon and the Quetzaquatl in the Grasslands.

You can battle Classified enemies multiple times, earning new drops and additional XP with each encounter. Over time, you may out-level these foes, making farming them easier. To unlock a Classified Intel mark hunt, defeat every batch of Fiend Intel in a region. Engaging with Fiend Intel itself proves to be a worthwhile source of experience points.

Take on every World Intel activity

World Intel activities extend beyond combat, encompassing tasks such as discovering Lifesprings, upgrading Summon material, and uncovering Protorelics. While these side activities may not always yield substantial character experience, many involve encounters with monsters.

Lifesprings found in a region also initiate a unique Combat Assignment, pitting players against a formidable enemy unique to that area, akin to a mini-boss fight, offering significant XP rewards. Moreover, all open-world objectives contribute to Party XP, crucial for fully upgrading Folios.

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