How to increase Comfort level in Enshrouded

Underestimating your Comfort level in Enshrouded is a mistake. While enhancing combat skills is crucial, Comfort plays a vital role in maximizing your potential by boosting maximum health, regeneration, and stamina.

Elevating your Comfort level grants a Rested buff, enhancing stamina level and regeneration. It’s advisable to prioritize this before venturing into the hostile lands of Enshrouded.

You can focus on raising it to a specific cap, after which you can optimize other aspects of your character. Comfort significantly improves survivability, so it’s not an aspect to overlook. This guide will aid you in reaching the maximum Comfort level in Enshrouded.

Best ways to increase your Comfort level in Enshrouded

Three criteria determine a decent Comfort level, mirroring what brings comfort in real life. Most items can be crafted by the Carpenter.

  • Include shelter, such as a roof
  • Position heat sources at all base corners
  • Introduce furniture

Enhancing your Comfort level is straightforward: craft items that enhance your base. This simple adjustment could make a difference between life and death in combat. Initially, Comfort items are basic necessities for calling a place home.

However, as your journey progresses, you can enhance it by crafting more advanced furniture unlocked through various quests. Here’s what to craft to increase your Comfort level:

  • Construct a house.
  • Install a fireplace.
  • Craft a bed, table, bench, and chairs.
  • Incorporate light sources.
  • Eventually, craft a bathtub, item display rack, and other furniture.
  • Upgrade your furniture to the highest available version.

If you dislike the appearance of Comfort furniture, you can conceal it underground or in rafters, and it still contributes to your Comfort level.

What is the max Comfort level in Enshrouded?

While increasing your Comfort level is straightforward, attempting to abuse the mechanic for easy survivability bonuses won’t work in Enshrouded. You can only build one Comfort item of each category, preventing the stacking of fireplaces to boost your level.

There’s a cap on the maximal Comfort level in Enshrouded, set at 63. Once reached, further enhancement ceases. However, this level may change in future updates. Some players suggest that game files hint at a maximal level of 100, but reaching it remains elusive.

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