How to import Loot Filters in Last Epoch

Loot management is an essential aspect to optimize in Last Epoch. Given the large amount of loot you collect, much of it may not be useful. Learning to use and import Loot Filters in Last Epoch can help you identify valuable items amidst the abundance.

What are Loot Filters in Last Epoch?

Loot Filters in Last Epoch allow you to customize the displayed loot, showing only items relevant to your character or specific item types. This customization includes features like level differentiation, color coding, and comparisons between different classes of loot. A well-designed Loot Filter tailored to your build can significantly streamline your gameplay, saving valuable time, especially important for the endgame.

How to import Loot Filters in Last Epoch

While the Loot Filter interface may seem complex and creating a Loot Filter not intuitive, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Last Epoch players have created many optimized Loot Filters. All you need to do is learn how to import them.

First, find a filter you want to import into your game. You can find these filters on various websites and forums. Each website, such as Maxroll and Last Epoch Tools, has its preferred method of handling imports, most commonly relying on .XML files and copying and pasting filter elements from the website into your game. Let’s discuss the .XML method first.

Once you’ve found your desired loot filter, download the .XML file from the website and save it on your PC.

To import your downloaded Loot Filter, begin by opening the Loot Filters section. Accessing it is as simple as pressing Shift + F or navigating to the settings and selecting the Interface menu to open the Loot Filter management system. From here, press the + icon and then the “Open Filter Folder” option. Now, copy and paste the downloaded .XML file into the folder.

Another method is to copy the filter as text, an option usually provided on these websites. After copying the text, go to your Loot Filters menu in the game and click on the “Paste Clipboard Contents” button. If the copied Loot Filter is valid, it will be successfully imported and ready for use. Once imported, you can also edit and fine-tune it to your preferences.

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