How to grow the crystal tree in The Sims 4

Obtaining crystals from The Sims 4’s online vendors incurs a cost. If you wish to save Simoleons, consider growing your own crystal tree right in your yard to yield gems.

The Sims 4 crystal tree recipe

To access the crystal tree and seed-shaped gemstones in The Sims 4, you need The Crystal Creations pack. This requires reaching Gemology Level 3, attainable through reading skill books or using the gemology table. While the crystal tree provides free gems, the seed-shaped gemstone incurs a cost of 100 Simoleons.

Begin crafting the seed by interacting with the gemology table and selecting the ‘Cut Gemstone’ option. You can choose any crystal, such as sapphire or moonstone, each offering a buff when charged. The crafting process can be expedited with higher skill levels.

After crafting, drag the finished gemstone to a planter or plot and choose the ‘Plant’ option. It’s advisable to level up your Sim’s gardening skill, as higher levels unlock fertilization. Fortunately, the seed does not require watering due to its unique nature.

Over time, the seed will grow into a small tree, indicating progress. However, full growth of the crystal tree takes several days or even a week. Regularly check on its progress to ensure proper care.

Once fully grown, the crystal tree yields free crystals daily, with output randomized. To maximize your intake for jewelry design, collect the sprouted gems whenever you’re ready.

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