How to Get to Tech World in Pet Simulator 99

Raising your pets is an incredibly enjoyable aspect of Pet Sim 99, where you engage in various quests and tasks. The Tech World stands as the game’s second realm, offering new eggs, a boss chest, and unexplored areas.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on accessing Tech World in Pet Sim 99.

How to access Tech World in Pet Sim 99, explained

To enter Tech World in Pet Sim 99, you must have reached Area 99 (Rainbow Road) and gained access to the Rebirth Four statue. However, there’s a catch. While you can spot the Rocket leading to Tech World in Area 99, you can’t utilize it until you interact with the Rebirth Four statue. This requires you to Rebirth and complete all 99 areas again.

Although this process might seem time-consuming, it’s advantageous. Rebirthing at this statue enhances your pets’ strength, reducing the time needed to progress from Area One to Area 99.

Moreover, using the Rebirth Four statue unlocks pet Ultimates, providing a significant 75 percent strength increase, skill level perks, and numerous rewards.

Is it worthwhile to Rebirth for Tech World?

Absolutely. Rebirthing to access Tech World offers substantial benefits. While progressing through all 99 areas again may seem daunting, the rewards upon entering Tech World, particularly after Update 6, are considerable:

  • 25 Tech Areas with new machines, rewards, and minigames
  • 54 new Pets, including Cyber Agony and Abyssal Kraken
  • 20 Huges
  • 25 eggs
  • A boss chest in Cuboid Canyon, brimming with loot
  • Tech Coins
  • Ranks, unlocking more pet equips and egg openings; reaching rank 20 adds a fifth enchantment slot
  • Four-player upgrades for tap damage, luck, drops, and diamonds
  • 15 Relics
  • Achievements and rewards like enchants, potions, and diamonds
  • Clan Battles
  • Tier Nine Potions and Tier Eight Enchantments
  • Supercomputer Machine

Although the process of Rebirthing and reprogressing through all areas to reach Tech World may deter some players, the new additions such as Pets, Huges, Eggs, and Ultimates make the grind worthwhile.

This guide covers everything you need to know about accessing Tech World in Pet Sim 99 on the Roblox platform. Keep an eye out for Pet Sim 99 codes if you need an extra boost.

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