How to get the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest 1.0

If you followed Endnight’s recommendation and started a fresh save file of Sons of the Forest, you might find yourself facing winter on the island right now. Fortunately, if you’re in need of extra protection against the cold, there’s still a Winter Jacket available.

The downside? It’s not in its usual location anymore.

Prior to the 1.0 update, you could find the Winter Jacket at an abandoned campsite near a waterfall on the western part of the map. It was a relatively easy spot to reach, and the sound of rushing water made it hard to miss once you were close.

While the Winter Jacket won’t offer complete protection, it does extend the time before you start feeling the cold, reducing the need to stay close to a bonfire. However, it’s still a good idea to carry a torch for added warmth while exploring.

Where to find the Winter Jacket in 1.0

If you’re looking to obtain the Winter Jacket after the full release of Sons of the Forest, it’s best to do so before the first snowfall catches you off guard.

To locate it, head around the northern side of the mountain and climb until you reach the Golf Course. You’ll know you’re close when you spot icons for Golf Carts that appear with proximity, a helpful addition in this update.

Once you’re on the Golf Course, head east until you stumble upon a tent surrounded by six filled body bags. Inside the tent, you’ll find the Winter Jacket lying on the floor. Simply press and hold E to equip it.

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