How To Get the Wicked Implement Catalyst in Destiny 2

The demand for the Wicked Implement Catalyst is soaring due to its significant benefits for the Exotic Stasis Scout rifle in Destiny 2. While the rifle itself is decent, maximizing its potential with the Catalyst is essential. Fortunately, obtaining the Catalyst doesn’t involve a timed run. We’ll cover everything you need to know about the Wicked Implement Catalyst, including how to acquire it and its usage in Destiny 2.

Getting Wicked Implement Catalyst

Securing the Catalyst is a guaranteed reward, albeit a challenging task. You can obtain it by unlocking a Tier 7 chest at the conclusion of the Deep Dive seasonal activity. Completing all three Pressure Trials, which are optional activities in each tier, is crucial. Upon clearing each encounter successfully, you’ll be rewarded with the Wicked Implement Catalyst. We recommend tackling these Deep Dives with a team of friends rather than joining a random lobby, as each trial requires the entire squad to initiate. This approach will significantly ease the overall experience.

How to Equip the Wicked Implement Catalyst

Once you’ve obtained the Catalyst, you need to equip it to leverage its benefits fully. For efficient kill farming with this weapon, consider utilizing the Deadfall Tether ability and the Orpheus Rig exotic legs on your Hunter to farm the Shuro Chi encounter. Since the Wicked Implement has a slow fire rate and lacks DPS, low-difficulty encounters are ideal for optimal results.

What the Wicked Implement Catalyst Does

The Creeping Attrition perk of the Wicked Implement slows and freezes enemies upon landing rapid precision hits. Additionally, the Tithing Harvest perk generates Stasis shards that return to you upon scoring precision final blows while Creeping Attrition is active. The Wicked Implement Catalyst complements these perks by overflowing the magazine when you collect Stasis shards. While this doesn’t completely address the weapon’s slow fire rate and lack of DPS, it significantly enhances combat effectiveness and is essential for viable Stasis builds.

That concludes our guide on obtaining the Wicked Implement Catalyst in Destiny 2 Season of The Deep.

Destiny 2 is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows platforms.

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