How to get the V-R11 Wonder Weapon in MW3 Zombies

The Wonder Weapons featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode are among the most coveted unlocks. The V-R11 Wonder Weapon is likely high on your list of priorities, but locating it is no easy task.

Similar to other Wonder Weapons, obtaining the V-R11 requires some knowledge of where to search. Additionally, luck plays a significant role as there are no guarantees of acquiring it. However, if fortune favors you, the V-R11 Wonder Weapon can be yours during a MW3 Zombies match, and it’s crucial to maximize its utility.

How to obtain the V-R11 Wonder Weapon in MW3 Zombies

The V-R11 Wonder Weapon can be obtained by opening mystery boxes, defeating Gorm’gant from the Bad Signal mission, or completing contracts during a MW3 Zombies match. However, the likelihood of obtaining one is low, so even after attempting these methods, success is not guaranteed.

Although mystery boxes offer the easiest route to acquire a V-R11 Wonder Weapon, the chances of obtaining one are slim. Each time you pay to draw a weapon from a mystery box, it randomly selects from the pool of available guns. Expect to encounter numerous standard weapons if you opt for this approach. Reserve the use of mystery boxes for instances when you have excess funds not allocated to other upgrades.

Contracts located in the map’s central tier three zone or the Dark Aether region are the only viable means to acquire the V-R11 Wonder Weapon. These contracts pose significant challenges and feature tough enemies and objectives. It’s advisable to tackle them with a full squad and multiple activated perks. Avoid venturing into this area prematurely; instead, prioritize obtaining advanced weapons and armor plates for protection.

The final method to obtain a V-R11 Wonder Weapon is by defeating Gorm’gant, the formidable boss lurking in the Dark Aether. Facing off against Gorm’gant entails reaching the end of this area. While the boss fight is challenging, triumphing over it should yield the V-R11 during the Bad Signal mission, allowing you to wield it for the remainder of your match or save it for future use.

Functionality of the V-R11 in MW3 Zombies

The V-R11 sets itself apart from other Wonder Weapons in MW3 Zombies. Rather than unleashing devastating attacks, it serves as a utility tool that can convert enemy zombies into allies, turn enemy mercenaries into zombies, and temporarily divert zombie attention from an ally player. While it functions as a weapon, its primary role is aiding in battling large hordes. Combining it with a powerful primary weapon proves to be an effective strategy.

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