How to get the Staff of Jordan in WoW Classic

One of the most prized (and renowned) weapons in World of Warcraft Classic is the Staff of Jordan, an epic (purple) quality staff considered among the finest for spellcasters and healers during the latter stages of the game’s leveling journey.

The Staff of Jordan offers +11 to both Intellect and Spirit stats, alongside an exceptionally potent bonus of +26 to healing and damage-dealing spells. These additional effects undeniably make it the top-tier weapon for numerous classes within its level range, including Mages, Priests, and Warlocks.

The only drawback concerning the Staff of Jordan is its extreme rarity, making obtaining it more of a matter of luck than a targeted effort. Unless you’re willing to pay a hefty price for it on the Auction House, acquiring the staff relies on fortunate drops in the open world.

Where to obtain the Staff of Jordan in WoW Classic

The Staff of Jordan is an exceedingly rare world drop, and your only chance of acquiring it is by being fortunate enough to have it drop from an enemy in the open world. You’ll start encountering opportunities to obtain the Staff of Jordan around level 39, requiring you to progress through the entirety of the second phase of the game if you aim to acquire it. Fortunately for WoW enthusiasts, it remains one of the top-tier endgame items throughout this phase, ensuring that if you do manage to obtain it, it will remain a valuable asset in your inventory for the duration of phase two and likely well into phase three.

According to the WoW database Wowhead, the Staff of Jordan typically drops from enemies ranging between levels 39 and 41. Notable locations include Stranglethorn Vale, where Bloodsail pirates roam the area surrounding Booty Bay, and the Venture Co. Miners east of the Gurubashi Arena. However, the staff can potentially drop from any mob of the appropriate level, including those found within dungeons.

We recommend spending time at the Bloodsail camp immediately to the left upon exiting Booty Bay’s main gate. The respawn rates there are notably high, making it one of the prime locations for farming mobs in pursuit of the Staff of Jordan. Few places offer as ideal a respawn timer alignment with the required level bracket for the weapon.

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