How To Get the Skeleton Key in Deepwoken

Have you ever fancied replicating Orochimaru’s Rashomon Summoning technique from Naruto? Well, with the Skeleton Key in Deepwoken, you can do just that. This unique Bell enables you to summon skeletal walls with a simple button press. Whether you aim to seal off pathways or shield yourself from adversaries in Roblox, the Skeleton Key provides intriguing tactical possibilities. Although it may not be as groundbreaking as Legendary Bells like Teleportation or Dimensional Travel, it certainly adds depth to your strategies. Here’s how to acquire and utilize the Skeleton Key in Deepwoken.

Getting and Using the Skeleton Key

To obtain the Skeleton Key in Deepwoken, you must advance the hidden Progress stat. This can be achieved by defeating bosses, specific monsters in the Depths, or engaging in PvP combat. Although your Progress remains concealed initially, you can consult NPC Sibex with a Thresher Spine to ascertain your current Progress and proximity to achieving Resonance. Upon maxing out your Progress and facing death in the Depths (at 0% HP), you’ll be presented with a selection of three Bell cards to choose from, akin to Fruits in Blox Fruits. The Skeleton Key might be among these options. If not, you can visit the Shrine of Yun’Shul to reroll your Resonance.

Once in possession of the Skeleton Key, pressing “C” will summon one or more skeletal walls, up to a maximum of five. These walls repel anyone who comes into contact with them, and you can maneuver them by pressing “C” again after summoning. The following are the attributes influenced by your Resonance Point Usage:

  • Wall Amount – Determines the number of walls spawned
  • Duration – Specifies how long the walls persist
  • Push Distance – Governs the distance the walls can push individuals

Is the Key Worth It?

Considering the potency of the Skeleton Key in Deepwoken, is it a worthwhile acquisition? If you seek an uncommon Resonance that facilitates unique defensive strategies in PvE scenarios, then the Skeleton Key is a valuable choice. However, its utility in PvP is considerably diminished. Aside from corralling players into the Death Circle, it lacks offensive capabilities. Moreover, the predictability of the Death Circle tactic restricts its usage primarily to defensive scenarios. While it can serve as a supportive Resonance when coordinated with teammates, its niche nature may render it more cumbersome than beneficial, positioning the Skeleton Key as one of the more specialized abilities in Deepwoken.

Roblox is accessible on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS platforms.

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