How to get the Revive Skill Book in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

In phase two of WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery, Druids have finally gained access to a resurrection spell, joining the ranks of classes with this ability. Revive, a traditional out-of-combat resurrection spell with a 10-second cast time, is acquired through a skill book rather than from a standard class trainer in SoD.

To locate the skill book for Revive, adventurers must venture into level-appropriate dungeons during phase two of SoD, with a particular focus on one dungeon: the Scarlet Monastery.

Druid Revive Skill Book Acquisition Guide in WoW Classic SoD Phase Two

While many skill books in phase two of the Season of Discovery are said to drop from various dungeon bosses, Wowhead database contributors most frequently link the Druid’s Revive skill book to Bloodmage Thalnos, the initial boss of the Graveyard wing in Scarlet Monastery. Other phase two skill books have also been reported to drop in the Graveyard, making it worthwhile to run the dungeon alongside players from other classes seeking new spells.


The Scarlet Monastery’s Graveyard wing is accessible as early as level 27, allowing players to attempt acquiring this skill book relatively early in phase two.

Although it’s feasible for the Revive skill book to drop from other dungeon bosses in phase two, the community regards Bloodmage Thalnos as the most reliable source. For Druids keen on obtaining the ability to resurrect party members, we suggest frequenting the first wing of the Scarlet Monastery whenever possible.

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