How to Get the Miter Rifle in Warframe

if you’re gunning for that maximum Mastery level, you gotta catch ’em all, and by ’em, I mean every piece of equipment. Today, let’s set our sights on the Miter rifle – here’s the lowdown on how to snag it in Warframe!

Where to Get the Miter in Warframe

So, the Miter’s main blueprint and its components are up for grabs by facing off against the dynamic duo, Lech Kril and Captain Vor, on the Assassination node Exta, Ceres. Beat them down, and you’ve got a shot at scoring one of the Miter’s parts. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Miter Blueprint – 16.67%
  • Miter Blade – 16.67%
  • Miter Barrel – 16.67%
  • Miter Handle – 16.67%
  • Miter Gun Chassis – 16.67%

Yep, you’ll need one of each. So, get ready to farm these bosses for a bit. On the bright side, this duo is also fantastic for farming Orokin Cells – super handy, right? With a sprinkle of determination, you’ll have all the parts in your grasp. Wait 24 hours, and voila, your very own Miter is ready to roll.

Is the Miter Worth Using?

Now, let’s talk value. The Miter’s status in your arsenal depends on where you’re at in Warframe. Currently, it’s cruising in the middle lane – not a bad choice, but there are weapons that outshine it. But wait, it has two aces up its sleeve!

Firstly, it plays a pivotal role in crafting the Panthera. So, if you’re eyeing another weapon’s mastery, this can be your stepping stone. Secondly, the Miter gets a boost with the Incarnon Genesis upgrade, earned by conquering the Steel Path Circuit with the weapon as one of your rewards. It might not be the absolute best, but it sure spices up the Miter’s game.

So, is it enough for you? If you’re hungry for more weapons, check out our guide on how to snag the Sibear in Warframe.

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