How to get the Legendary Old Bow Schematic in Palworld

Palworld enthusiasts who appreciate the charm of a rustic bow and arrow, yet aspire to match higher-level Pals and weapons, can find solace in the Legendary Old Bow. This unique weapon offers a distinctive aesthetic while ensuring competitiveness in the realm of advanced Pals and weaponry.

Palworld’s Old Bow Schematic Four Explained

To acquire the Legendary Old Bow, players must obtain the elusive Old Bow Schematic Four. Though not a guaranteed drop, the patience of players searching in the right location will ultimately be rewarded. Here’s a breakdown of how to secure the Legendary Old Bow Schematic in Palworld.

Where to Get the Legendary Old Bow Schematic in Palworld

The coveted Legendary Old Bow Schematic is dropped by the formidable Kingpaca Alpha Pal boss near the Small Settlement village. This level 23 Neutral-type boss, susceptible to Dark-type attacks, poses a challenge that requires strategic planning. Head to the coordinates 49, -460 to locate the Kingpaca in a vast clearing. Beware of two smaller Melpacas that automatically engage when the boss is attacked, and deal with them first to minimize unnecessary damage during the confrontation.

Whether you choose to capture or defeat Kingpaca, both methods provide a chance of obtaining the Old Bow Schematic 4. However, be prepared for a low drop rate, estimated to be around five percent. Persistence is key, as Kingpaca respawns every 30 minutes, requiring approximately 10 hours of dedicated effort to secure the Legendary Old Bow. While RNG may favor some, be prepared for a substantial grind.

What is the Legendary Old Bow Schematic’s Drop Rate?

The drop rate for the Schematic is approximately five percent, making the quest for the Legendary Old Bow a test of patience. With Kingpaca respawning every half an hour, players can anticipate a significant time investment in their pursuit.

Legendary Old Bow Stats and Resources

Once in possession of the Old Bow Schematic Four, crafting the Legendary Old Bow is possible at any Primitive Workbench or superior crafting station. The required resources include:

  • Old Bow Schematic Four
  • Additional crafting materials

The Legendary Old Bow itself boasts 247 damage per arrow, offering a balanced performance compared to a Crossbow, which deals 280 damage per arrow but fires at a slower rate. While not a top-tier weapon, the nostalgic appeal of a classic bow might make it a worthy choice. To ensure versatility, consider carrying a firearm alongside the Legendary Old Bow for day-to-day encounters.

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