How to get the Immolator’s Oblation Unique belt in Last Epoch

In Last Epoch, numerous legendary and unique items await players, but the most potent ones often emerge in the endgame phase. Among these is the Immolator’s Oblation, a unique belt tailored for characters proficient in fire skills.

Acquiring the Immolator’s Oblation requires reaching level 46 in Last Epoch and offers four Potion Slots alongside five additional modifiers. Details on these modifiers and how to obtain the Immolator’s Oblation are outlined below.

Obtaining the Immolator’s Oblation Unique belt

The only method to acquire the Immolator’s Oblation belt is by defeating a specific boss in Last Epoch. It cannot be obtained through any other means, necessitating players to repeatedly challenge this boss until obtaining the belt as a drop.

The targeted boss is the Fire Lich Cremorus, the ultimate adversary in the Soulfire Bastion Dungeon. This dungeon, situated in the Felled Wood area of the Imperial Era, requires the Soulfire Bastion Key for entry. Remember, a key is essential for each dungeon run, implying that players must procure multiple Soulfire Bastion Keys to farm the boss effectively for the Immolator’s Oblation belt.

Soulfire Bastion Keys can be acquired through Monoliths, Arenas, and drops from various enemies and bosses. Once obtained, players can venture into the dungeon. However, before engaging, players must select the desired Dungeon Tier. The Immolator’s Oblation belt only drops from the Fire Lich Cremorus boss at Tiers Three and Four. To access these tiers, players must first complete the dungeon at each preceding tier.

This progression necessitates clearing all three initial tiers to access Tier Four, for instance. Consequently, players need to secure at least four Soulfire Bastion Keys merely for the opportunity to obtain the Immolator’s Oblation belt from the Fire Lich Cremorus boss. Obtaining the belt may require multiple attempts after defeating the boss.

For context, there is a 12 percent chance of the belt dropping at Tier Three and an 18 percent chance at Tier Four.

Immolator’s Oblation stats in Last Epoch

Below are the modifiers for the Immolator’s Oblation belt in Last Epoch:

  • Four Potion Slots
  • (46-100 percent) Chance to Ignite yourself when using a Fire or Necrotic Skill
  • (+4-6) Spell Damage for Fire and Necrotic skills per stack of Ignite (up to 40)
  • (4-6 percent) Chance to gain Frenzy for two seconds when directly using a Fire or Necrotic skill per stack of Ignite
  • (10-16 percent) Increased Ignite Duration
  • (100 percent) Chance to Cleanse All Ailments on Potion Use

The belt serves as a valuable asset for characters specializing in fire skills, making it essential to accumulate Soulfire Bastion Keys for a chance to obtain it in Last Epoch. For further guidance, you can also explore our previous guide on acquiring the Woven Flesh unique armor.

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