How to get the Hunter Dual Wield Specialization rune in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

The Dual Wield Specialization rune in WoW Classic Season of Discovery phase two enables Hunters to wield two one-handed melee weapons simultaneously. Obtaining this skill is relatively straightforward, and once you reach the required level, it’s essential to acquire the ability to dual-wield as soon as possible.

If you frequently find yourself engaged in melee combat while leveling, obtaining the Dual Wield Specialization Hunter rune is crucial. Here’s how to acquire the Dual Wield rune as a Hunter in WoW Classic SoD.

Where to find Dual Wield Specialization for Hunters in WoW SoD

To obtain the Dual Wield Specialization rune for Hunters, venture into Stranglethorn Vale near coordinates [32, 14], just south of the Nesingwary Base Camp. The area will be teeming with Bloodscalp Trolls, indicating you’re nearing the right location. Explore until you receive a debuff called “Danger!” This debuff confirms that you’re in the correct spot and ready to proceed.

Once you acquire the debuff, cast your Flare spell on the ground to summon a Bloodscalp Guerrilla. Since Flare is necessary to spawn the required mob for this rune, and Flare is a level 32 spell, you must be at least level 32 to acquire this rune.

The Bloodscalp Guerrilla is a level 34 melee mob with a guaranteed drop chance for the Dual Wield Specialization rune. Defeating and looting the Bloodscalp Guerrilla in Stranglethorn Vale will allow you to learn the Dual Wield Specialization rune, which can then be engraved onto your Hunter’s boots item slot.

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