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To acquire new units in ALS, typically, you’d summon them on the existing banners. However, there’s an alternative route through time-limited secret codes. Here’s how to obtain the free Kohan (Drip) unit in Anime Last Stand.

How to Obtain Gohan (Drip) for Free in Anime Last Stand (ALS)

If you’re aiming to unlock Gohan (Drip) without spending in Anime Last Stand (ALS), you’ll need to utilize an exclusive secret code. First, subscribe to the YouTube channel of @HotSauceHan. In his ‘Thank You Anime Last Stand’ video, he reveals the exclusive code Sub2HotSauceHan, granting a free Kohan (Drip) unit.

This represents one of the exclusive code units redeemable in Anime Last Stand. Simply launch the game, navigate to the codes button on the left side of the screen, input the code into the designated text box, and upon redemption, the unit should be added to your inventory.

While Kohan (Drip) may not be the most potent unit available, obtaining it grants exclusive bragging rights, given the code’s time-limited nature. Unless developers opt to reintroduce it at a later stage, only those who’ve redeemed the code will possess this unique unit.

I appreciate acquiring free units, especially since I lack luck in gacha games and pulls. I’m still puzzled about how I obtained the Mythic Sukuna unit in this game. Hopefully, there’ll be additional code units available for redemption in the future!

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