How to get the Ancestral Sword in WoW Season of Discovery

The Season of Discovery introduced a plethora of new content to the classic version of World of Warcraft. Among the intriguing additions is the quest to obtain the Ancestral Sword during the Season of Discovery.

WoW Season of Discovery – How to get Ancestral Sword

The Ancestral Sword can be found as a drop from monsters in the courtyard of the Scarlet Monastery. However, be prepared for a bit of a grind as the drop rate is relatively low. The WoW Classic Season of Discovery revitalized the classic World of Warcraft universe with various captivating elements, including the appearance of the Wandering Swordsman NPC.

Where is Ancestral Sword in Season of Discovery

To locate the Ancestral Sword, you’ll need to embark on a journey to the Scarlet Monastery, situated in the northwest of the Tirisfal Glades region within the Eastern Kingdoms. The sword is obtainable as a drop from mobs within the courtyard of the monastery, eliminating the need to venture inside.

How to get the Ancestral Sword in Season of Discovery

Upon arriving at the Scarlet Monastery, engage in battles with the mobs inhabiting the courtyard. The Ancestral Sword has a chance to drop from any of the Scarlet mobs upon their defeat. Although the drop rate isn’t particularly high, persistence in farming will eventually yield the desired result. Alternatively, to expedite the process and gain experience simultaneously, consider exploring the dungeons within the Scarlet Monastery. Group attacks on mobs within these dungeons also have the potential to yield the Ancestral Sword upon their demise.

The Ancestral Sword Guide

The Ancestral Sword is a formidable two-handed blade requiring a level of 26 to wield. Its flavor text alludes to its origins as a cherished relic passed down by a noble Lordaeron family. The sword’s history, involving the mysterious disappearance of both the weapon and its last known wielder in the swamps around Kyross, may hold significance in uncovering a new Priest rune associated with the Pain Suppression spell.

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