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Similar to other tower-defense-style games, the primary goal of Anime Last Stand is to fend off waves of enemies using a diverse roster of characters sourced from various anime and manga series. These characters, also known as units, can be customized by applying techniques and skills, with the option to reroll for better techniques using Technique Shards.

For a concise explanation of how to acquire Technique Shards in Anime Last Stand, read on for the following brief guide.

How to acquire Technique Shards in Anime Last Stand (ALS)

In essence, Technique Shards serve as a specialized currency obtainable through purchase with Robux or completion of quests. To monitor quest rewards of Technique Shards and claim any available ones, access the Quest menu.

To purchase shards using Robux, approach the Techniques NPC. The pricing breakdown for Technique Shards is as follows:

  • 1 Shard – 139 Robux
  • 10 Shards – 999 Robux
  • 25 Shards – 2,299 Robux
  • 50 Shards – 4,499 Robux

As previously mentioned, Technique Shards enable rolling and rerolling for techniques to enhance your units. Refer to our technique tier list for comprehensive insights into each technique available in the game and its benefits!


That wraps up this brief guide on acquiring Technique Shards in Anime Last Stand. Personally, I’d suggest focusing on quest farming for shards rather than opting to purchase them, considering their steep cost from the store!

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