How to get Syphon of Anguish in Last Epoch

The Syphon of Anguish stands out as a rare and distinctive ring within Last Epoch, offering significant additional damage and effects to your attacks. For those seeking to acquire this coveted item, here’s how you can obtain the Syphon of Anguish in Last Epoch.

Where to obtain the Syphon of Anguish

To acquire the Syphon of Anguish, you must defeat the Shade of Orbyss. This unique item drops from Orbyss at any point once you access the Monolith of Fate section in Last Epoch. During your encounters within the Monolith, you’ll encounter a node titled Echo of A World, where the Shade of Orobyss manifests in one of five distinct forms:

  • Blood Form
  • Storm Form
  • Vile Form
  • Infernal Form
  • Frost Form

Defeating the Shade of Orbyss can prove challenging, especially if you’re still refining your build. It requires your utmost skill and preparation to emerge victorious. Upon defeating Orbyss, you’ll obtain the Syphon of Anguish, along with a potential increase or decrease in corruption, influencing the creation of empowered monoliths.

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Best builds to use Syphon of Anguish

The Syphon of Anguish offers a plethora of +% stats, with fixed rolls upon acquisition:

Elemental Resistance+ 5 to 18%
Melee Damage Leeched as Health1 to 3%
Void Damage Leeched as health1 to 3%
Increased Leech Rate10 to 30%
Increased Movement Speed3 to 8%
Chance to apply Doom on Hit+10 to 30%
Void Penetration with Doom10% to 30%

Considering these affixes, the following class builds are among the top choices:

  • Void Knight (any build)
  • Shadow Cascade Bladedancer Build
  • Shadow Daggers Bladedancer Build
  • Shadow Daggers Marksman Build
  • Shatter Strike Spellblade Build

These builds share a common focus on melee attacks and rely on procs to overwhelm adversaries. As someone with a Shadow Daggers Bladedancer character, I can personally vouch for these builds, and I’m eagerly pursuing the Syphon of Anguish to enhance my gear throughout the Monolith journey.

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