How to get Sushi for Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload

Elizabeth sends a request in Persona 3 Reload, tasking you with finding a single piece of Sushi in a seemingly Sushi-less Japan.

Upon accepting the quest, the absence of Sushi establishments in Persona 3 Reload becomes apparent. Instead, the game features predominantly Western-style burger joints and occasional udon shops, making the quest for the legendary Japanese delicacy more challenging.

Persona 3 Reload Request 74: I’d like to try sushi

Persona 3 Reload’s Elizabeth Request 74 requires you to locate Sushi, despite the apparent absence of sushi restaurants in Tokyo.

Interestingly, you must visit the Nagasaki Shrine after school hours to procure the desired piece of fish. Upon approaching the inconspicuous red shrine known as Inari Shrine tucked away in the area, interacting with it reveals that someone has left something behind.

An Academics check determines if you meet a certain level requirement. As I had already achieved Genius status by maxing out all my social stats to level six, I cannot specify the exact level needed to obtain the Sushi from the shrine. However, interacting with the red shrine enabled me to acquire the Sushi.

After obtaining the Sushi, return to Elizabeth, who curiously consumes the seemingly sun-soaked Sushi, rewarding you with an Ergotite Chunk.

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