How to get Surfent Terra in Palworld

Alright, fellow Palworld enthusiasts, buckle up because we’re diving into the mysterious realm of Surfent Terra, the elusive ground variant of the already enigmatic Surfent. Trust me, getting your hands on this Pal can be a real head-scratcher, especially if you’re on a Paldeck completion mission. Fear not, though, because I’ve got the lowdown on how to breed a Surfent Terra and its secret whereabouts in Palworld.

How to Get Surfent Terra from Breeding in Palworld

Breeding a Surfent Terra is like putting together a magical potion, and to make this potion, you need two specific Pals – Dumud and Surfent. Dumud likes to hang out in the desert area, chilling near the coordinates (-151, -64), close to the formidable Alpha Boss Anubis. Meanwhile, Surfent makes a splash in the lake by Jormuntide’s territory at coordinates (-176, -265). Easy pickings, my friends. Just battle and capture them, and you’re on your way to Pal breeding greatness.

How to Find Surfent Terra in Palworld – Location

Now, if you’re an explorer at heart like yours truly, you might fancy the idea of stumbling upon Surfent Terra(s) while wandering the map. Brace yourself because the prime real estate for Surfent Terra farming is tucked away in the northeastern corner of the map, far from your usual haunts.

My pro-tip for tracking down this elusive Pal is to unlock the Deep Sand Dunes Fast Travel Point (525, 525) and take to the skies on your trusty flying mount. Cruise along the shorelines, and you just might spot the ever-elusive Surfent Terra. Oh, and a heads up – the enemies in that neck of the woods are no pushovers, so gear up with high-level Pals and heat-resistant armor before venturing into the unknown.

All Surfent Terra Skills and Abilities in Palworld

Now, let’s talk skills! Surfent Terra brings a buffet of abilities to the table:

  • Partner Skill: Sand Swimmer
  • Can be ridden – Talk about stylish transportation!
  • Active Skills:
  • Sand Blast (Ground, 40 Power): A gooey mud attack with low cooldown – perfect for annoying your foes.
  • Stone Blast (Ground, 55 Power): A stone barrage for a quick enemy wake-up call – low cooldown, decent damage.
  • Stone Cannon (Ground, 70 Power): Perfect for zapping Electric Pals with some speedy, heavy-duty damage.
  • Sand Tornado (Ground, 80 Power): A whirlwind of sandy chaos – best for mob situations.
  • Draconic Breath (Dragon, 70 Power): Surfent Terra goes all dragon mode, breathing out continuous damage – great for tower bosses.
  • Dragon Cannon (Dragon, 30 Power): A dragon-powered poke move – low cooldown, always handy.
  • Work Suitability:
  • For all your Pal’s work-related needs.

There you have it, folks! Surfent Terra, the ground maestro of Palworld.

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