How to get Saitama in Anime Last Stand

There are numerous formidable units in ALS, and Baldy stands out as one of the finest choices due to being a Hybrid unit. Discover how to acquire Saitama in Anime Last Stand and explore all of Baldy’s attributes and enhancements that facilitate level clearance.

How to get Anime Last Stand Saitama (Baldy)

Saitama is a Celestial unit attainable from Banner 2 within the summoning area. To unlock Banner 2, completion of Planet Namek levels in Story mode is required. Upon completion, the banner and all Celestial units become accessible.

Acquiring Saitama comes with a 0.5% chance, necessitating prior Emerald farming. Accumulating enough to reach the Celestial pity threshold, set at 250 pulls, is advisable.

All Baldy abilities, stats, and info in ALS

Saitama ranks among the elite units in Anime Last Stand, making him a worthwhile acquisition if the opportunity arises. Dive into Baldy’s comprehensive array of abilities, statistics, and information in ALS.

  • Type: Ground/Hybrid
  • Element: Nature
  • Deployment Cost: $1000
  • Best Technique: Entrepreneur
  • Upgrades: 8
  • Total Cost for Full Upgrade: $71,430
  • Attack Type: AoE (Full) to AoE (Line)
  • Base Damage: 2200
  • SPA (Seconds Per Attack): 5
  • Range: 20

All Anime Last Stand Baldy (Bored) Upgrades List

While Saitama’s upfront cost may be steep, his exceptional damage output and hybrid adaptability compensate for it. Consult the Anime Last Stand Baldy (Bored) upgrades list and ensure the presence of a capable farming unit like Speedcart on your team to complement him.

Upgrade LevelCostDescription
Deployment$1000Damage: 2200; SPA: 5; Range: 20; DPS:432; AoE (Full)
Upgrade 1$1,920Damage: 3,280; SPA: 5; Range: 20; DPS:656; AoE (Full)
Upgrade 2$2,660Damage: 4,320; SPA: 5; Range: 20; DPS:864; AoE (Full)
Upgrade 3$3,150Damage: 9,790; SPA: 5; Range: 15; DPS:1,958; AoE (Line)
Upgrade 4$4,700Damage: 17,000; SPA: 5; Range: 15; DPS:3,400; AoE (Line)
Upgrade 5$5,000Damage: 22,000; SPA: 5; Range: 15; DPS:4,520; AoE (Line)
Upgrade 6$18,000Damage: 32,200; SPA: 9; Range: 35; DPS:3,577.7; AoE (Line)
Upgrade 7$16,000Damage: 44,100; SPA: 8.5; Range: 40; DPS:5,188.23; AoE (Line)
Upgrade 8$20,000Damage: 55,200; SPA: 8; Range: 45; DPS:6,900; AoE (Line)
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