How to Get Runes of Ascendance in Last Epoch

Obtaining the specific Unique items you desire in Last Epoch can be a test of patience, but Runes of Ascendance offer a shortcut. If you’ve been struggling to acquire these rare crafting materials, I’ll outline where you can locate them.

How to Farm Runes of Ascendance

The most effective method for obtaining Runes of Ascendance is by tackling Monoliths of Fate. While there’s a chance for these runes to drop from various sources in the game, Monoliths provide areas with dense enemy populations and substantial rewards for conquering each Echo. Once you’ve reached level 50, you should be able to handle the initial tier of Monoliths comfortably without constant fear of death in Last Epoch.

My first Rune of Ascendance came from defeating a standard enemy during a Chapter 7 campaign mission. As you progress further into the main campaign and your character’s level increases, the likelihood of obtaining a rare rune will also rise. Therefore, don’t count on Ascendance items dropping unless you’re exceptionally fortunate. It’s wise to focus on farming them in Monoliths or the Lighthouse Arbor.

How to Use Runes of Ascendance

Access the Forge by pressing “F” and open the rune slot to insert the Rune of Ascendance into your chosen piece of equipment. Additionally, you can incorporate a Glyph and a Shard upgrade, but the primary goal is the Rune slot. Select the Ascendance version from your crafting inventory and apply it for a chance to transform a Legendary item into a Unique rarity. With some luck, you’ll obtain the item you seek.

While you’re on the grind, consider collecting Idols for your next build.

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