How to get Red Ant Egg in Grounded

Grounded offers a variety of natural resources, including the elusive Red Ant Egg. Since it lacks a noticeable shimmer, spotting it can pose a challenge. Here’s a comprehensive guide on where and how to locate Red Ant Eggs in Grounded.

Where to find the Red Ant Eggs

Red Ant Eggs are drops from the Red Worker Ants and can be found in the Red Ant Hill northwest of the Mysterious Machine in Grounded. However, due to their inconspicuous appearance without any shimmer or glow, locating them within the ant colony can be tricky.

When venturing into the Red Ant’s Ant Hill, ensure you have a light source, such as a flame torch, to navigate and spot the eggs. Look for a white, grub-like egg with a red center to identify them.

Be cautious, as the Red Ants will attack if you disturb their eggs. If you decide to take the eggs, the Red Ants will become highly hostile, requiring you to flee. Crafting the Red Ant Armor set using Red Ant parts and Mite Fuzz can offer protection against the soldiers, but this protection is forfeited if you take a Red Ant Egg.

If locating the eggs proves challenging due to the high Red Ant population, consider thinning their numbers. Killing several Red Ants can boost the spawn rate of Red Ant Eggs in the Red Ant Hill.

What can you craft with Red Ant Eggs?

Using a Red Ant Egg, you can craft the Bratburst explosive in Grounded. Along with the Red Ant Egg, you’ll need two Fungal Growths and five Dry Grass Chunks. Crafting this Tier One explosive at a workbench is relatively straightforward compared to crafting specific Tier Three items.

Despite the challenges in obtaining Red Ant Eggs, they prove valuable for crafting the Bratburst.

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