How to get Pupa Leather in Grounded

As you progress to the lategame in Grounded, crafting Pupa Leather becomes essential for acquiring superior weapons, armor, and tools, such as the Black Ox Hammer, renowned for its strength. With more formidable insects lurking in the Upper Yard, upgrading your gear is crucial.

Locating Pupa in Grounded

Pupas can be found hanging upside down beneath the deck of the Large Shed, near the bicycle. While they may appear in other locations sporadically, their guaranteed spot is beneath the deck. In real life, pupas are the transitional stage between larva and adult insects. In Grounded, however, Tear III equipment is required to break them due to their durability.

Crafting Pupa Leather in Grounded

To obtain Pupa Leather, equip the Termite Axe to attack the Pupa and collect Pupa Hide. Analyze the Pupa Hide to unlock the Pupa Leather recipe. You can craft Pupa Leather in two ways: using the Workbench or the Jerky Rack.

If you opt for the Workbench, you’ll need five Pupa Hide, whereas the Jerky Rack only requires one. By this stage, you should have already unlocked the recipe. However, if you haven’t, analyze a Bombardier Part to unlock it. Crafting it requires five Bombardier Parts and six Crude Ropes.

Craftable Items with Pupa Leather

With Pupa Leather at your disposal, you can create 14 different items, including armor, weapons, tools, and consumables. Here’s a list of all the items you can craft using Pupa Leather in Grounded.

Assassin’s ChestplateArmor– 10 Pupa Leather– Two Mantis Chunk– One Mantis Claw
Black Ox BurgerConsumable– Two Pupa Leather– Two Black Ox Part– Five Tough Gunk
Black Ox HammerTool– Two Pupa Leather-One Black Ox Horn– Five Black Ox Part
Black Ox HarnessArmor– One Pupa Leather– Four Black Ox Part– Four Lint Rope
Black Ox HelmArmor– Two Pupa Leather– Two Black Ox Horn– Three Black Ox Part
Charcoal CanteenUtility– Two Pupa Leather– Two Lint Rope– Three EverChar Coal Chunk
Fire Ant ClubWeapon– Two Pupa Leather– Two Fire Ant Mandibles– Four Fire Ant Part
Fire Ant ShieldWeapon– Four Pupa Leather– 10 Fire Ant Part– Two Fire Ant Head
Fluffy Pupa HatArmor– Three Pupa Leather– 10 Dust Mite Fuzz
Moth LeggingsArmor– Two Pupa Leather– Four Moth Fuzz– Four Pond Moss
Moth RobeArmor– Three Pupa Leather– Five Moth Fuzz– Five Lint Rope
Roly Poly BreastplateArmor– Seven Pupa Leather– Four Roly Poly Shell– Two Roly Poly Part
Roly Poly HelmetArmor-Five Pupa Leather– Five Lint Rope– Three Roly Poly Shell
Scythe Of BlossomsWeapon– Five Pupa Leather– Five Rust– Five Lint Rope– Four Mantis Chunk– Two Mantis Claw
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