How to get Oden Juice for Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload

Elizabeth presents numerous requests in Persona 3 Reload, tasking you with locating increasingly elusive items, such as the Oden Drink.

Though the game offers a plethora of beverages, the Oden Drink seems conspicuously absent from the vending machines and stores scattered throughout Tokyo. There’s a valid reason for this—it’s not available in Tokyo or Tartarus at all.

Similar to previous requests, failure to fulfill this one within a specified timeframe could result in missing out, so it’s crucial to prioritize it when it arises.

Persona 3 Reload Request 96: I’d like to try Oden Juice

Elizabeth’s 96th request in Persona 3 Reload commences on 11/6 (Nov. 6), tasking you with acquiring a peculiar drink seemingly unavailable anywhere.

This isn’t an item you can simply purchase from a vending machine. Instead, you must progress through several checkpoints in the main story and ensure you don’t overlook certain items to unlock this elusive beverage. It’s worth noting that failure to obtain specific items when they’re available can jeopardize the completion of the request.

As the story unfolds, you embark on a school field trip to Kyoto. During your time there, while enjoying some free moments, you’ll need to interact with the vending machine at Godaigo Inn on the 2nd floor. Here, you must purchase the following drinks:

  • Durian Soda
  • Jumbo Juice
  • V6

Be sure not to consume or utilize any of these items. Once you’ve acquired all three, you must await your return to Tatsumi Port Island and the conclusion of your Kyoto trip. After school, make your way to the Persimmon Tree in the school’s courtyard, where you’ll encounter a student eager to exchange the drinks you procured from Kyoto for the opportunity to purchase the elusive Oden Drink. This will require 5,000 Yen.

You can then present the drink to Elizabeth, who rewards you with a Winter Uniform outfit.

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