How to Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

the mysterious world of Enshrouded, where survival depends on crafting essential items. Metal scraps, a vital crafting resource, are essential for forging powerful weapons and armor. Navigate through the open-world action RPG, build your base, and complete quests to gather these precious scraps. Here’s your guide to mastering Metal Scraps in Enshrouded:

Metal Scraps: A Crafting Essential

Metal scraps are a cornerstone crafting material, indispensable for crafting armor and weapons. Follow this guide to ensure a steady supply:

Prime Locations for Metal Scraps

  1. Braelyn Bridge: This area stands out as a prime location for abundant Metal Scraps. Explore Braelyn Bridge to amass a significant quantity of this crafting material.
Braelyn Bridge
  1. Longkeep: Heading west from your first home base leads you to Longkeep, another excellent Metal Scraps location. Explore this area to bolster your crafting resources.

Methods to Collect Metal Scraps

From the Loot of Defeated Enemies

  • Defeated enemies often drop loot containing Metal Scraps.
  • While not every enemy guarantees Metal Scraps, consistent combat will yield this essential crafting material.
  • Focus on defeating Scavengers identifiable by helmets with pointy edges, commonly found outside the Shroud.

Explore the Camps

  • Thoroughly explore camps and ruins scattered across the open world.
  • Metal Scraps may be found on tables, on the ground, or hidden within the ruins.
  • Destroy items in camps like beds, tables, barrels, and crates to uncover Metal Scraps—focus on items made of metal for optimal results.

Tips for Efficient Gathering

  • Combat Efficiency: Engage and defeat enemies efficiently to maximize Metal Scraps drops.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Target Scavengers for a higher likelihood of obtaining Metal Scraps.
  • Thorough Exploration: Pay close attention to your surroundings while exploring camps and ruins.
  • Destruction Yield: When destroying items in camps, focus on those made of metal to increase your chances of acquiring Metal Scraps.

Armed with this knowledge, venture forth into the realms of Enshrouded, gathering Metal Scraps to forge powerful gear. May your crafting endeavors be fruitful as you face the challenges that await in this mysterious and dangerous world.

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