How To Get Mechs Patriot Exosuit in Helldivers 2

The ongoing battle to promote managed democracy persists, and Super Earth has bestowed upon us new bipedal weapons to aid in our cause. The Patriot Exosuit, referred to as Mech by Helldivers 2 players, stands as one of the new stratagems available to assist during operations. Instead of summoning a missile barrage or an orbital laser, you can deploy your bipedal vehicle to spread liberation across the galaxy through explosions and gunfire, as intended. However, acquiring this mechanical marvel may require grinding through several levels and accumulating numerous requisition slips.

How To Unlock the Patriot Exosuit

To unlock your first Mech in Helldivers 2, you must reach level 25 and spend 20,000 requisition slips. Once achieved, you can summon the vehicle via a stratagem. Currently, it stands as the most costly unlockable stratagem in the game, but its value is undeniable. This mobile weapon features a machine gun with substantial armor penetration and a rocket launcher for eradicating anti-democratic threats from planets. Additionally, it offers significant protection to players while piloting it. Nonetheless, caution is advised to avoid encountering meteor showers, as a single impact can spell doom for your new acquisition.

Can You Find Mechs During Missions?

Yes, Mech sightings have been reported by numerous players on specific maps, offering hope to those unable to reach the requisite level or acquire the necessary funds for their own. Here are some locations where they have been spotted:

  • Points of Interest (Indicated by a question mark on the map).
  • Proximity to Automaton factories.
  • More prevalent on Automaton-dominated planets.

These are just a few of the areas where players have encountered these formidable vehicles, with likely more locations harboring these destructive assets. Thus far, sightings on Terminid planets have not been confirmed, but further exploration is needed to verify this.

Ultimately, unlocking the mech in Helldivers 2 should be a top priority for all. If currency acquisition poses a challenge, consider assembling a group and tackling missions of level seven or higher. Completing operations of these difficulty tiers rewards additional currency and experience points. So, gather your preferred weaponry and most potent stratagems to secure this mobile arsenal.

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