How to get Marsh Eggs in Pacific Drive

If you’re aiming to acquire the Repair Station for your Garage and streamline the process of fixing your car, you’ll need to amass a significant quantity of Marsh Eggs. Learn how to obtain Marsh Eggs in Pacific Drive to reduce your reliance on Repair Putties.

Locating Marsh Eggs

Marsh Eggs play a vital role in various Garage upgrades, with the Repair Station being the most crucial. Given my daring driving style, I tend to exhaust my supply of repair tools rapidly. Below is where you can find Marsh Eggs in Pacific Drive, and trust me, you’ll need plenty of them.

Marsh Eggs are predominantly found in the Mid-zone, specifically in the Mires. Ensure you choose at least one Mires location, as indicated on the map below. If you can make stops at multiple Junctions, even better.

An unmistakable indicator of Marsh Eggs’ presence is the presence of Giant Orbs, as illustrated in the image above. These Orbs emit a bright glow, making them easily visible in the murky environs of the Mires, even from a considerable distance.

Adjacent to these Orbs, you’ll often find several cars laden with Marsh Eggs. While you can manually collect them, this method is time-consuming. The most efficient and rapid approach is to utilize a Hand Vac. Simply aim it at the cars, and you’ll amass a significant quantity of Eggs in no time.

Exercise caution as you gather Marsh Eggs, as Tourists are frequently spotted around the Giant Orbs. No Junction can be deemed entirely safe, and it’s especially crucial to steer clear of Anomalies that could jeopardize your hard-earned eggs. Explore a Junction until you’ve collected as many as possible or until your safety is compromised. Then swiftly retreat to the safety of your car and return to the Garage.

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