How to get lots of money fast in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Everyone desires quick wealth, even in the expansive world of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Fortunately, in the game, you can work smart, not hard, to amass significant amounts of Gil.

How to grind Gil (Money) in FF7 Rebirth

Gems play a pivotal role in farming Gil in FF7 Rebirth. If you’re not utilizing Gems for Transmutation, you can sell them for up to 150 Gil each.

Additionally, selling outdated equipment—old, weaker gear—can yield a substantial sum of money over time. As you progress in the game, replacing Metal Bracers with Beastman Armbands and basic Potions with Hi-Potions becomes commonplace. Once you consistently acquire access to these higher-tier items, you can sell off the lower-tier ones. The same applies to duplicate Materia.

Instead of stockpiling surplus crafting materials, acquiring additional recipes and crafting excess items can be a profitable strategy. While this won’t increase your Craftsmanship XP, it will generate ample Gil when you sell the surplus items.

Take on Expedition Intel

Completing Expedition Intels can also be lucrative, as they may reward you with various crafting materials, including rare ones like Rubies and Emeralds. If you don’t plan to use them for transmutation, selling these materials can help you accumulate more Gil. Expedition Intels become available as early as Chapter Two, right after scanning your first tower in the Chocobo Ranch.

Steal Celeris Levrikons

Stealing vials of Celeris from Levrikons can also prove profitable, as they can be sold for as much as 500 Gil each. Simply equip the Steal Materia on one of your active characters and use its command when available.

Levrikons can be encountered as early as Chapter Two, particularly around the marshes of the Grassland Area region. From that point on in the story, you can purchase the Steal Materia from Vending Machines for 500 Gil.

Find the caches

While exploring the six open regions in the game, you’ll come across caches containing information about the number of hidden treasure chests nearby. Although they don’t contribute to your World Intel completion rate, they are still valuable, often containing substantial amounts of Gil.

Sniff out the Gil

Exploring areas where groups of bunnies gather can lead to the discovery of hidden treasures. Utilize your Chocobo mount and sniff the air to reveal a trail toward concealed items underground. This can yield various discoveries, from valuable crafting materials to PLAY ARTS figurines and occasionally substantial amounts of Gil.

Equip the Gil Up Materia and seek out battles and side quests

Defeating monsters remains the most basic method of acquiring Gil in the game. Each defeated monster rewards the party with XP and currency, with the amount of Gil obtained determined by the monster’s level.

Equipping the Gil Up Materia can double the amount of Gil obtained in battles, providing an effective means of enhancing your monetary rewards. Additionally, engaging in Odd Jobs, Combat Assignments, and side quests can lead to more lucrative combat scenarios. For instance, early side quests available shortly after leaving Kalm within the first couple of hours of the game can yield upwards of 3,000 Gil each.

Play the game on Easy mode

While the amount of Gil obtained through battles remains consistent across difficulty settings, Easy mode can expedite your progression.

To adjust the difficulty, navigate to the System menu and select Gameplay. The Difficulty Settings option is located at the top of the list, where you’ll also find the unlockable Hard mode.

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