How to get Legendary Pal Metal Helmet Schematic in Palworld

So, fellow Palworld enthusiasts, we’re delving into the protective wonders of the Legendary Pal Metal Helmet – your key to facing the escalating dangers the game throws your way. Let’s get our hands on that level four schematic and amp up our defense game!

Where to Find Legendary Pal Metal Helmet Schematic in Palworld

To snag the Pal Metal Helmet Schematic Four, you’ve got a frosty challenge ahead. Seek out the Level 50 Alpha Frostallion, chilling in the snowy biome of Palpagos Island. Need a marker? Sure thing, it’s at coordinates (-354, 499).

To speed things up, hit the Land of Absolute Zero or Pristine Snow Field Fast Travel points if you’ve unlocked them. Now, Frostallion isn’t your run-of-the-mill tame; it’s an Ice type Pal, weak against Fire Pals. So, assemble your fight club accordingly. Bring pals like Ragnahawk, Jormuntide Ignis, or Blazamut. Deck yourself out in cold-resistant armor and wield a beastly ranged weapon like a Rocket Launcher or Assault Rifle.

You might have to face Frostallion multiple times to grab that elusive Legendary Pal Metal Helm Schematic. No worries if luck isn’t on your side; Frostallion respawns after an hour at the same spot. Fight again for another shot!

Crafting the Legendary Pal Metal Helmet in Palworld

With the coveted schematic in your pocket, it’s crafting time! Head to the Production Assembly Line II and gather these ingredients:

  • 135 Pal Metal Ingot
  • 135 Paldium Fragment
  • 19 Ancient Civilization Parts

Even if the schematic eludes you initially, fear not! Defeating Frostallion still showers you with essential items for the helmet recipe.

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