How to get Gunpowder fast in Palworld

So, I’ve hit level 20 in Palworld, and guess what? It’s time to shoot Pals in the face. But hold on, to make this midgame more exciting, I need to master the art of making Gunpowder, pronto. Let’s dive into the guide and uncover the secrets.

How to make Gunpowder in Palworld

Now, making Gunpowder is a sweet level 21 Technology unlocked for just one measly Technology Point. Craft it at the same level you unlock Muskets and Coarse Ammo. To whip up a batch of Gunpowder, you’ll need two Charcoal and one Sulfur. Easy peasy, right? But wait, there’s a catch – you gotta have at least a High-Quality Work Bench, unlocked at Technology Level 11, to bring this Gunpowder magic to life.

Let’s break it down. You can make all sorts of goodies using Gunpowder in Palworld:

Ammo TypeRequired Materials
Assault Rifle AmmoOne Refined IngotTwo Gunpowder
Coarse AmmoOne IngotOne Gunpowder
Handgun AmmoOne IngotOne Gunpowder
Rifle AmmoOne Refined IngotTwo Gunpowder
Shotgun ShellsOne Refined IngotThree Gunpowder
Rocket AmmoOne Pal Metal IngotFive Gunpowder
Frag GrenadeOne Gunpowder10 Stone10 Fiber

Gunpowder drops from Tocotoco and a few other self-destructing Pals, but it’s a bit hit or miss. Ammo disappears like candy at a kid’s party in Palworld, especially when you’re dealing with colossal boss Pals. So, here’s the deal – you gotta have a reliable way to churn out Gunpowder. That means farming Sulfur and Charcoal like a pro, and I’m here to show you how.

How to farm Charcoal in Palworld

Alright, Charcoal is your basic recipe, a default pal in your arsenal. Burn two Wood in a Furnace, and voila! But to keep things efficient, you need a Kindling Pal to babysit that Furnace for extended periods. I mean, who has time to keep it burning manually, right?

Set up shop at a base with a Logging Site, or better yet, a lumber mill in a forested area like East Island or Windswept Hills. Throw in a Kindling Pal, maybe a Foxsparks or the powerhouse Reptyro. This bad boy isn’t just great for Charcoal – it’s your go-to for making Ingots or Pal Metal. You’ll need those goodies to finish crafting your ammo, trust me.

How to farm Sulfur in Palworld

Sulfur is a tricky one in the early game, but fear not – I’ve got you covered. Mount Obsidian is the goldmine for respawning Sulfur deposits. Dungeon crawling is another solid option – dungeons are like the Costco of Sulfur deposits, but you gotta wait for them to restock. You’ll snag between 30 and 90 Sulfur per run, even in the early-game dungeons in Windswept Hills.

Oh, and a tip for you desert explorers – grab some Heat Resistant armor before venturing out. It’s like sunscreen for your Palworld adventures.

Late-game areas like the Desiccated Desert have respawning deposits too, but dungeons or Mount Obsidian are your best bets. So, once you’ve got your stash of Sulfur and Charcoal, mix ’em up, and boom! Gunpowder ready to rock. Time to unleash some explosive fun in Palworld!

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